eCampus K12 Textbook Rental Bundle

Additional Information & Policies:

Your student's schedule has been loaded into our system and will be used to populate the books that are needed.

You will log in with your student's school email address and student ID as your initial password (you may be prompted to change upon login). You will also be prompted at checkout to enter a parent's email address to receive order communication.

If you have multiple students, you will need to place separate orders. Limit one bundle per Student ID and/or email address.

By ordering the rental bundle you agree to return all of your rental books at the end-of-year buyback during finals week or by mail. Workbooks and consumables will be included in your bundle, but will not need to be returned. (All non-returned, late or damaged books will be charged a fee of the full list price of the textbook.)

Orders placed prior to the book ship date (above) will be held and shipped together on that date. This will allow us to update any schedule changes prior to shipment.

If you place your order after the book ship date, all available items will be shipped within 1-2 business days and the remaining items will be shipped as they become available. You will receive detailed shipment confirmation emails to the parent email address included on your order as the items are shipped.

Any books needed for Summer assignments will be shipped early per the school's request.

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